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In a Simply Masquerade mask you’ll be unforgettable. Browse the traditional masks in our party classics & masked ball collection to find your masquerade signature look.

We’ve selected an extensive range of classical half-face (eye) masks to co-ordinate with every masquerade ensemble. Cool and comfortable to wear, our masks weigh very little - and satin ties will keep them in place while you party.

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The masquerade mask is an icon of medieval Venice from bygone Carnival days which lives on today. Wear a Simply Masquerade mask and the spirit of Il Carnevale will bring your party alive.

Browse the traditional masks for men and women in our party classics collection to find your masquerade signature look

Every spring, Venice overflows with carnival goers in masquerade costumes. For weeks, masquerade balls and displays bring the city to life as people from all corners of the globe gather to be part of the annual celebrations.

Every mask in the Party collection is intricately made by hand from papier mache. The fine layers of paper are moulded into shape in a plaster cast. Once set, painting begins with light brush strokes. Then the artisan will attend to the individual details which give the masquerade piece its authenticity. More than a party piece, your masquerade mask is a work of art you’ll love to keep as a souvenir.

When customers receive their masks from us they simply can’t wait to wear them. We want you to love your mask too so please call and we will happily advise on theme, style and finish to suit you and your occasion.

Remember in a Simply Masquerade mask, you can be glitzy, elegant, striking or understated – and, you’ll be unforgettable.  Gold, silver, blue, black, red, purple, green, pink – every mask has a style detail to complete your  look.

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