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In a Simply Masquerade mask you’ll be unforgettable. Browse the traditional masks in our party classics & masked ball collection to find your masquerade signature look.

We’ve selected an extensive range of classical half-face eye masks to co-ordinate with every masquerade ensemble. Cool and comfortable to wear, our masks weigh very little - and satin ties will keep them in place while you party.

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The masquerade mask is an icon of medieval Venice from bygone Carnival days which lives on today. Wear a Simply Masquerade mask and the spirit of Il Carnevale will bring your party alive.

Browse the traditional masquerade eye masks for men and women in our party classics collection to find your masquerade signature look

Remember in a Simply Masquerade mask, you can be glitzy, elegant, striking or understated – and, you’ll be unforgettable.  Gold, silver, blue, black, red, purple, green, pink – every mask has a style detail to complete your  look.

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