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View our stunning bespoke statement range of venetian masquerade masks and find your perfect mask for less than you think. Fast UK Delivery.

Each beautiful, handmade piece is imported by Simply Masquerade & chosen with care and attention by us just for you.

Please note: These are traditional hand made Venetian masks & as such most will show the paper strips/glue etc on the inside surface, this is not unfinished or poorly made it shows the quality & skill of the mask maker!

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Are you looking for a genuine unique and chic bespoke Venetian Masquerade Mask that makes a statement? If quality craftsmanship and authenticity matters then a Simply Masquerade Real Venetian Mask is perfect for you. When you buy from our Venetian Luxury bespoke range, you are acquiring a piece of real limited edition Venetian artwork - and keeping alive an ancient tradition.

Can't find the mask you want? Just ask and we'll help you to find the exact style you're looking for. Take advantage of fast delivery and order your statement designer mask today.

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