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These popular masculine themed masquerade masks for men are the result of centuries dedicated to creating mask pieces for the Carnival of Venice.

Choose these stunning quality venetian men's masquerade masks for your ball or party now. We have Phantom and Vendetta if you’d like to take on the persona of Guy Fawkes for the evening & Tom Cruise fans will love the reproduction of the mask worn in the film ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

Will your choice be a black, gold, silver or bronze mens mask? What’s more depending on your personality, there’s the minimalist Piana, the elaborate Columbina and the deluxe Phantom filigree. Free UK delivery. Worldwide shipping

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Create your own style of Carnival wearing one of our extravagant masks – and make the night your own. Perfect for your masked ball, black tie event or special occasion party, these hand-crafted masks come direct from artisans’ workshops in Venice. Your mask will be one of a kind. Being hand-made means no two are exactly alike: subtle style differences make each one individual.

As you would expect from any Italian art piece, the artisans use only the finest materials and their centuries-old tradition – and the men’s masquerade ball mask collection is more extensive than you would think.

Simply masquerades mask for a man collection is one of the largest in the UK. Choose from a large range of very popular Venetian masks designed for men to wear to a masked ball or party etc.

Each mask has a luxe finish. Will you emphasise the mystery and intrigue of Venice in your half-face mask or keep people guessing in a full-face mask? This is only a very small selection of the most popular masks that men buy..If you need any help just ask. If a traditional Venetian Carnival character is your kind of style, choose the Bauta, Plague Doctor or Jester. Or why not be a devil (just for one night) in the Diavolo and stay true to the theatrical Commedia dell’Arte style of the 16th Century?

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