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Be Lustful in A Leather Mask

These superb leather masks are fantastic new twist for your masked ball, masquerade party etc. Our collection of real Venetian Leather masquerade carnival masks are seen by some as something of an obsession.

The prospect of a masked ball (or an intimate party) is an unrivalled temptation to live out your reckless fantasy. The Leather Collection from Simply Masquerade will satisfy your desire however bold you dare to go - gothic, thriller, vamp or tiger, whatever your fetish. Once you’ve decided on your character, a Simply Masquerade Leather collection mask will add the seductive finishing touch and the night is yours. Free UK delivery too!

Items In This Category:

Even the anticipation is a thrill. Choose and order your mask, try it out before your party and relish the excitement as the night draws nearer.

Our real leather masks are ultra comfortable to wear, soft against your skin and tie easily to stay in place all night long.

Every mask in the Leather collection is real Venetian and made by hand in the style artisans have passed down through the centuries for today’s generation of party-goers.

Every year in Venice the Carnival takes centre stage for the world’s elaborate masquerade costumes.

Carnevale di Venezia is as extravagant as carnival can be, evocative of centuries past and famed the world over. Italian-made, our leather masks are genuine, and come direct from the artisans’ workshops in the alleyways of Venice, northern Italy, keeping alive an inimitable style and skill.

Take your individual erotic style to your next masquerade ball or intimate party.

For your next masked ball or soiree, it has to be leather, undoubtedly. If leather is your thing, we offer a wicked selection for you to browse through – go on, take a look. Sinfully stylish, decadently decorated and loaded with appeal you can choose from deluxe gloss red or black, with studs, in reptile print, Thriller or Batman style.

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