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Jester Venetian Masquerade Masks

The artists and creators and historians among you will love the stunning Venetian masks in our Jester, Joker or  jolly masquerade mask collection.

Perhaps, like many, you prefer the anonymity these types of masquerade masks afford you. Maybe you've browsed our selection and would like to add a little dazzle from one design and a certain sparkle from another.  With our Venetian joker masks you can create your own brand of originality at the ball or party you attend.

From our Jester selection, you can specify the type of joker character or design to follow the theme chosen for your event.

With a mask from our Jolly line you can achieve Venetian quality and even enhance it to express your personal masquerade style for the evening.

Items In This Category:

Their base is papier mache which has been handcrafted into shape over a plaster cast base. Left to dry and painted with a base coat, the paper mache becomes comfortable to wear: it is lightweight and will sit comfortably next to your skin throughout the event. The points are also made from papier mache, velvet/cloth or braid and reinforced with metal wire running along the edges. It is this metal wire that enables the points to be curled up into any shape you desire.

If you are looking for ideas on creating a mask to your own special design, why not call to ask for our help? We are here to guide you in choosing and designing the right mask for your special occasion masquerade mask ball or party.

We are constantly amazed by the occasion pieces our customers create for their events. Get in touch, we are happy to advise. We have countless ideas and can help you create a personalised theme for your masquerade party. Send us photos of your event: we love to hear about the parties where our wonderful masks have been worn.

With free  delivery we can have your mask despatached to you in no time and you can soon get cracking with the finish of your masquerade ball mask.

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