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 If you’d like to wear the mask of a celebrity then browse through our Filigree Collection and expect to feel spoilt for choice. Every mask is hand-made in Venice - Choose between the lacy metal gold, blue, black and silver masquerade pieces we can offer you, some of which are adorned with real Swarovski crystals.These ultra light weight filigree masks are created from laser cut metal to give the appearance of lace.

If you are wearing a masquerade mask for the first time we think you’ll be tempted by the glamour afforded by the filigree designs.

Try our gold and Swarovski crystal filigree piece in the style worn by Serena in US Drama ‘Gossip Girl’ and be the star of the silver screen at your masquerade ball.

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You tie your mask in place with ribbons and it fits with comfort next to your skin throughout the evening. What’s more, if you need to take your mask away with you for a special event, say to a hotel or on a cruise, it weighs little and easily packs into your luggage. Then, when you are ready to wear it, the light and pliable laser cut metal will adjust to fit your face for the night of the party.  When the party is over, simply pack the mask into your luggage until you need it for the next event.

Every mask in the Filigree collection is hand-made in Venice, northern Italy, the city famed for its elaborate masquerade masks, crafted by tradition for Il Carnevale, Venice’s annual carnival extravaganza.

 Whether you select a Filigree piece or from another Simply Masquerade collection, we will happily advise why customers chose certain styles and why you might like them too. All you have to do is call us and we will help.

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