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Exclusive designer masquerade masks - Unique and hand crafted by skilled artisans in Venice only for Simply Masquerade UK - When only the best will do.


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Are you looking for a genuine unique and chic Venetian Designer Masquerade Mask? If quality craftsmanship and authenticity matters then a Simply Masquerade Real Venetian Mask is perfect for you. When you buy from our Venetian Luxury Designer Collection, you are acquiring a piece of real Venetian artwork - and keeping alive an ancient tradition.

Can't find the mask you want? Just ask and we'll help you to find the exact style you're looking for. Take advantage of free delivery and order your real designer mask today.

Every one of the distinctive designer Venetian masks in our indulgent range offers its own authentic style for your masquerade ball, prom, wedding or themed party. In our quest to bring you only the best from Venice (the Italian city famed for producing artisan masquerade masks) we delve into the past to uncover their stories - while you recreate your own.

Skilled artisans in Venice make every mask by hand, with meticulous attention to detail, sustaining a centuries old craft.

Step back to 16th century Venice and experience those bygone Carnival days, a tradition being practised today. Get into character in masks such as the Bauta, Volto and the Paris Opera inspired Phantom of the Opera. Or choose filigree lace for special occasion glamour.

Every mask is a work of art. None of our masks are mass produced, or machine made. Celebrating attention to detail, beauty and craftsmanship, each one from our Collection will add originality to the costume you choose to wear for your celebration. These genuine Venetian carnival inspired masquerade masks give you special occasion glamour. Life's too short to be lacklustre.

With style comes comfort - these masks are easy to wear. Each mask is light weight and ties comfortably around your head. Whether made from papier mache or filigree - the laser cut metal lacework - your mask won't feel cumbersome to wear, nor will it cause you any discomfort. If you are thinking, "I wear glasses, how can I wear a masquerade mask," you don't need to miss out. A mask on a stick is the perfect choice. 

For a sensational showpiece or traditional Venetian, discover your own masquerade style. Choose your real Venetian mask from the comfort of your own home. Each one is entirely unique.

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