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We have a stunning range of full face Venetian masquerade masks all hand made from papier mache in Venice & hand-picked by Simply Masquerade. Every mask in the Full Face collection has an assured quality no other maker can match. Discerning mask wearers seek out authentic masquerade pieces and if this is you, you’ll find the Simply Masquerade collections impossible to beat.

These Volto masks (to give the full face masks their Italian name) come in various historical characters like Bauta, Plague Doctor, Scaramouche, Gatta and Zanni. And why might you be tempted by an Italian theatrical character mask? They can be a statement of masculinity, or your new femininity – let your imagination take hold, and enjoy your masquerade party. 

Items In This Category:

A party invitation has arrived and the theme is masquerade costume. Or you are hosting your own masked ball. If you are wondering which type of mask would suit you and how it will complement your masquerade costume, then one of our real Venetian masquerade masks would, we are sure, look stunning.

Is this the first time you have worn a masquerade costume? If so, we are happy to advise on a style which will suit your personality and event. We are aware we offer an overwhelming choice of masquerade masks. The Full Face collection is especially suited to you if you are seeking a theatrical look, in the character of one of the historical comedies (Commedia dell’Arte) or plays.

Please browse our collection and then get in touch if you need help to make your decision, or are looking for something a little different.

As you browse our selection, perhaps you will decide to embody a character from medieval Venice and if so we think you will find the choice here unbeatable.

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