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The Simply Masquerade collection of Masks on Handles offers a stylish, event-ready alternative to masks which tie around the head.

A Mask on a Stick is the best of both worlds solution if you’ll be wearing glasses at the party.Or, if you love your Full Face mask style without ties, you can strike an instantly glamorous pose in one of our stunning Venetian Masks on Handles.

Items In This Category:

Simply the best. Your masked ball invitation has arrived. You want the perfect masquerade mask for this special occasion and we can help. Browse our masquerade Masks on Sticks and phone to ask our help in making your selection for your special occasion.

We think you’ll simply love the beauty of our collection.  Hand-embellished with Baroque detailing, brocade, Swarovski crystals and painted in gold, red, blue or black your chosen masquerade piece will add a gorgeous finish to your occasion costume. Or choose the perfectly formed filigree elegance in lightweight laser cut metal. If it’s opulence you’re looking for, our filigree mask on a stick sparkles to perfection.

Inspired by the vibrancy of the Carnival of Venice, each masquerade piece represents generations of Italian craftsmanship. Artisan-made in the alleyway workshops of Venice, your mask is an original – no two are alike. The difference in Simply Masquerade masks is their authenticity. Each one is carefully created by mask makers in Venice, bringing age old techniques to the modern day.

Masks were first worn in Venice in the 12th century. Originally designed to give their wearers privacy from their neighbours in such a small, overcrowded city, the advancing years turned them into Carnival pieces. As part of the masquerade costume, the mask became an icon of the Carnevale di Venezia and remained so for centuries.

Bring the glamour of Venice to your own masquerade party. Celebrate in style in a Simply Masquerade mask.

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