Lets begin by saying we could go on all day about how you can apply foundation, eye shadow and lipstick etc but what is the point because you know the basics so we thought why not let you up your party style with these 5 best masked ball makeup ideas we have found, some inspired by stars of the screen including Gossip Girl & of course the Anastasia 50 Shade Darker masquerade ball look.

1: The Vampire Diaries makeup

All you need to know to get the make-up look of the stunning Katherine Pierce from the Vampire Diaries Masquerade Ball (The best tutorial by far in our opinion). You can also buy the filigree mask here... Mon Amour filigree mask

2: Anastasia from the fifty Shades Darker Makeup

Makeup inspired by the Masquerade Ball with Anastasia Steele from the new Fifty shades Darker film!  Get the beautiful Papier-Mache lace mask here - Hope you enjoy the fantastic tutorial!

3: Makeup advice for your masquerade ball - eyes

A great quick & easy mask makeup tutorial perfect for when you are running late or in a rush and trying to head out of the door to that Masquerade Ball youve been invited to!

4: The best way to do your makeup when wearing a masquerade mask

Wondering what you can opt for when it comes to mask makeup? When its time to start getting ready for your masquerade ball there are various ways to playing up your features. Check out one of the best videos now!

5: Vampy Smokey Eye Shadow & Red Lipstick Makeup advice

Most makeup beginners and enthusiasts seek help from YouTube beauty gurus & we at Simply Masquerade are no exception, this look simply blows our mind. If you like the mask she wears at the end (and who wouldn’t) we have it here too. Mireille Filigree Mask