Masquerade Masks For People With Glasses

Here at Simply Masquerade we often get asked which masks are ok to wear with glasses...It is a really good question to be honest and there are a few options around for you. We have listed a few answers here but if you know of any others please feel free to share them with us.....

a mask on a handle for glasses wearers


The simplest thing to do is normally the best idea - So we have put together a little category to help you out. Masks On Sticks is great if you want to hold a mask but alas this is also the downside to it.

bigger face mask, ideal for people who wear glasses


Sounds like a silly & stupid idea right? Well not really as some of our masks have more space behind them than others eg: Most of the full face masks range have just enough space behind for specs to fit.

leather  masks can be made better for people who wear glasses


Another option is to alter your mask & with this option there are two kinds you can make:

  1. With our leather masks you can cut the eye holes to fit your glasses, sounds silly but it is quite easy to do...Just cut the eye holes a bit bigger.
  2. With almost any eye mask you can attach pieces of foam to its inside so it sits away from your face leaving room for your glasses.

You can do this by aligning your mask with your glasses (on a table or other hard surface is best) & cutting a piece of foam into four strips of equal length, then arranging the foam on the back of the mask around the edges of the glasses (on your temples and cheekbones so to push the mask out more)

Once you get the foam in a comfortable position, you can attach the foam to the mask using a good strong glue (Bostik is good for this) or double-sided tape.

Check out the template below for a good example....

Template showing how to attach pieces of foam to its inside so it sits away from your face leaving room for your glasses